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Posted: 15/10/2014 in Uncategorized

Fleet engagement

this is Flash Thomson for Caldari-News-Network!

Today I want to talk to you about fleet engagement.
The past weeks I had my first real involvements in a variety of fleets. Yes, yes I have been in fleets before… But usually small ones up to three members tops! Joining a fleet with 20+ ships is a complete different story!

Getting to the fleet was actually my biggest challenge in the beginning. New to this region, unfamiliar with the surrounding systems, I concentrated on getting where the fleet was at the time when I asked about its whereabouts. I did not track the fleets movement on the map which then caused me to lag behind, having trouble catching up.

Once I cough up I had trouble keeping up with the fleet! Trying to decipher the fleet captains commands to align, to warp, trying to figure out abbreviated system names over all the background chatter! Let alone find the right target announced on the fleets communication channels! *whistles* I am still having troubles with that actually! *grinns*

Many of those things strongly depend on the fleet and its FC (Fleet Commander) though, in the few fleets I have participated so far, I have encountered a variety of fleets and commanders. I have tried to categorize them (those i have encountered so far) and nicknamed them.

1. The chaos crew!
Loud and rowdy! People howl and cheer on the team comms, jokes are cracked and nude pictures shared, you laugh and you cry, missing out your FC’s commands. As this was the first fleet I joined, it was a funny disaster for me! I cross jumped the fleet several time and warped into a fight twice seconds before the FC announced retreat. The enemy welcomed me with scrams and and blazing guns.

2. The mumbling FC
I believe it was the second fleet I joined, I couldn’t even understand what the FC said! I guess there was a good chance others didn’t either. Although the experience went smoothly it was still tedious having to reprocess each command through the fleets communication devices.

3. The happy bunch!
I differentiate here between chaos crew and happy bunch, although the atmosphere might have been similar, the happy bunch was more concentrated on the task at hand. When it counted they were professional and effective.

4. The Commander
He can be hard for someone with little love for authority and generally it seems there are quite a few of those around in the militia, but he is focused on getting the job done! If you don’t listen or interrupt you are a danger to his fleet and he will treat exactly that way! With a loyal crew this happened to be a very effective fleet! Only taking the fights they could win and retreating quickly from those that would have been lost. I was starting to get the hang of it!

5. The tense crew
When I joined this fleet, all communication devices where dead silent! I checked my device several time for malfunction until the FC actually wondered about the same thing! „Comms are open crew! Why aren’t you chatting away?“ Everybody was just so focused and determined to deal a lesson to the enemy that they did not feel like talking. Needless to say with everyone so focused, plus a FC who knew what he was doing, we got plenty of kills!

What would be my advice for someone new to flying in fleets?Fleet engagement

1. Listen to your FC
This role usually is filled by someone with a great deal more experience then you. His commands should be your guide! Don’t get distracted! Only what he says is relevant! Will he make wrong calls? Yes most definitely! Would you have made better ones? Probably not!

2. Block out noisy distractions
Someone is distracting you with chatter? Block him! If he says something important the FC will give the orders.
Don’t be shy to ask in fleet for commands to be repeated, If you did not understand a command ask for it to be repeated! Yes, people might think you are a noob, which is true, but doing the wrong thing might get you and others killed.

3. Plan ahead
This is something I like to do for emergencies, I set my destination to a space station where I have other ships waiting for me to reship. Optimally this is also the space station the fleet will regroup to. When you try to catch up with a fleet, don’t ask where they are, ask where they are going, this way you don’t have to repeatedly ask about their location. By flying straight to the fleets destination, you might get there before them and can possibly scout the area, giving important intel to your fleet.

4. Be prepared
This can be a little tough! A fleet might want to reship between engagements. Possibly the enemy fleet is at an advantage because of the ship they are using, this means the fleet will have to get into a different kind of ship to counter that advantage! As a mercenary I was specialized on shields and missiles. But this is not always the doctrine that is flown by a fleet. They might still take you on, if you can’t fly the doctrine, but you will be at an disadvantage! Try to broaden your spectrum, so you can fly a variety of ships and have ships ready in case the fleet reships. Logistic support is always welcome in any fleet! Being able to use armor, shield, guns, missiles, snipy ships or brawlers, basicly all variation of ships is an advantage! This way you can be most effective for any fleet.

So what are you waiting for? Get a pilots license and enlist in the Caldari Militia! Become a member and start recapturing what is rightfully ours!

This was Flash Thomson for Caldari-News-Network on the nicks and nacks of fleeting up!

PS: “Do not shoot the Target” means do not engage it in anyway! Scamming is a hostile action! *grinn*

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